Credit Card Rewards:
Using Your Plan To Your Benefit

At Newton Federal, our goal is to help our patrons stay on track when it comes to their finances. 

Think of us as a go to resource for banking with a recurring open door policy. Today, we’ll be discussing some appropriate uses, and common misuses via some credit card management tips.

The Different Types of Rewards Programs

There are three main categories when it comes to your average credit card rewards program:

  • Mileage Rewards
  • Point Rewards
  • Cash Back Rewards

Mileage of course is related to travel; cash back is as lucrative as it sounds; and the points ultimately add up to a win. Learn more about each specific category in the following sections. 


Do you travel a lot? You may be missing out on some great perks if you haven’t looked into any airline credit cards. Using these cards can save a recurring traveler tons of money on transport. Here’s a pro-tip: what’s the most popular airline in your home area? That’s who you’ll likely want to investigate for such credit card rewards.


This is one of the more common types of programs available to most consumers. Companies will offer these point reward cards that track your transactional interactions, and otherwise. The more you patronize them, the more points you’re rewarded with. Eventually, this leads to you unlocking a host of benefits, including possible discounts. The more consistent you are in your favorable interactions with them, the more perks will be sent your way. 

Cash Back

Another common credit card reward is cash back. Take the concept of the point rewards, and apply it to cash. Instead of points, you get a purported sum in the form of tangible currency. Progress is tracked by the percent, leading to cash in hand upon reaching certain markers.

Other Common Credit Card Rewards

In truth, the nature of each accounts’ rewards is up to their discretion. These perks are generally targeted around addressing customers’ universal needs. It may be helping to fill up your gas tank. Or, it might help to lighten the load on your next grocery bill.

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Choosing Newton Federal

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