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Convenient Options for Paying your Loan

Payment Options

Set Up Auto Pay

Automatically pay your note to Affinity Bank each month by transferring funds from Newton Federal or your bank. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to pay your bill. Email Loan Support for assistance.

Enroll in Digital Banking

Digital Banking allows your account and pay your loan each month. With Digital Banking, you can make payments from your Newton Federal accounts or via external transfer from an account at a different bank.

Pay by (e)Check or Card

Pay with an (e)Check (electronically by using your bank account and routing number found on your check), or by using your credit/debit card. Make sure you know your Borrower and Note number so the payment is properly credited. 

Note: There is a 3.00% fee for card transactions. Payments will post as “AffinityBank Webpayment.”

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