Beginning in late August 2023, Newton Federal debit card holders who have not yet upgraded to the Rewards Visa debit card will receive this new card in the mail.

Rewards Visa Upgraded Features:

Rewards for Shopping Local

Money Spent is Reinvested in the Community

Tap to Pay Capability

Important Details to Note:

• Card Activation: Once you receive your new card in the mail, call 877-965-3344 or log into your Digital Banking to activate and set your new PIN.

• Existing Card Deactivation: Your existing Newton Federal debit card will automatically deactivate on 10/31/2023 so make sure you activate your new card before then.

• Already Upgraded? If you’ve already upgraded to the Newton Federal Rewards Visa debit card, you should not receive another in the mail. If you have not already upgraded, we ask that you please wait until your new card comes in the mail in order to avoid duplicates.

Participating Local Businesses

All of these local businesses are offering exclusive discounts to Newton Federal customers who use their NEW Rewards Visa debit card when shopping with them.

Jones Automotive
5% Discount on all work outside of purchase of tires
(770) 786-1090
Uptown Cleaners
$5 off when you spend $25 or more on dry cleaning services
(770) 786-2630
Wheeler Cleaners
10% discount on total bill
(678) 625-7773
Regal Beer & Wine
Complimentary airplane shot with purchase
(706) 594-8193
10% discount on total purchase plus 10 free additional tickets to our monthly, $100 cash giveaway
(678) 614-9580
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Are You a Local Business
Interested in Participating?

Partner with Newton Federal to
Drive Local Business and Shopping
and Help Us Reinvest in Our Community.

What is the Rewards Visa Program?
When a Newton Federal customer uses their new Newton Federal Rewards Visa debit card at participating local businesses, they will receive a discount on goods or services purchased at or from that business.

How it works?
All you have to do is let our team know you wish to participate as a local business and what your discount rate and terms will be. Our minimum rate to participate is a 5% discount off the total of a purchase. You will determine how to track and offer these rewards to participating customers. Discounts will be offered for in-person transactions, only.

What is your cost?
There is no cost to participate aside from whatever your chosen discount/reward will be.

How does it help you?
This new rewards program will help drive local consumer traffic to our local businesses; thus helping all of us reinvest in the Newton County community.

How does it help your customers?
Customers who use their new Newton Federal Rewards Visa debit card will receive discounts from all participating local businesses which will not only drive traffic to your business but also increase the money our community is investing in shopping locally.

What do we offer participating local businesses?
Newton Federal will help you market your business participation in several different ways.




REED BEARD | SVP, Market President

JIMMY TANNER | VP, Business Development

GRETA HEARD | VP, Branch Sales Manager

BRAD HOFFMAN | AVP, Business Development


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