Dinner at Mystic Grill

Newton County is a staple of Georgia.

For a not so small town, we sport a history rich in esteem and intrigue. Take, for example, the famed Mystic Grill restaurant in Covington. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because the eatery existed on the small screen, long before it existed in the real world.

It was a fictional location in the popular CW television series The Vampire Diaries.

The show was a success from the onset, pulling in a cult following over their 8 season run. As a testament to the show’s cache, Mystic Grill was brought to life a few years later. The restaurant

The History Of The Grill

In keeping with the tradition of its supernatural origins, Mystic Grill even alludes to its own spooky history. Their site reads, “On this lot in 1883, stood a saloon belonging to “Col.” Robert Bagby, who still makes his presence known here on occasion.” This makes the Grill all the more intriguing, and worth the visit. 

What’s even more interesting than its current iteration, is the location’s history. Before its pop cultural makeover, the space had already boasted a century’s long duration. As their website notes, the site began “as the Bank of Covington… [and] over the years… has been home to many businesses.”

What’s on the Menu?

That said, this is a restaurant, and we can’t forget the best part
The food here is to die for, all spooky talk aside. You can choose between top tier appetizers, a la fried green tomatoes, before a delicious Mystic Burger. Or, if you’re wanting something more official, they offer a range of impressive plates with options from “Land… Sea… [and] Air.” Regardless of your preference, they can accommodate.

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