Golfing In Newton County

Is golfing one of your favorite pastimes?

We don’t blame you. It not only is a great source of low impact physical activity. It’s also a very relaxing endeavor. Being out on the green is perfect for enjoying great weather. Not to mention, the scenery offers a great opportunity for meditation and mind clearing. Well, if you’re a resident of Newton County, we have the perfect recommendations for you. 

First, there’s Covington’s Oaks Course. The facility includes almost 6,500 square feet of plush greenery and well made golf trails. It’s been in operation for over three decades, and shows no sign of stopping.

Taking the Green from Conyers to Covington

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Another great selection is the Ashton Hills Golf Club. It’s even larger than the previous entry, ranging a whopping 7,000 square feet in size. In contrast to Oaks Course, this is a newer option. It’s been operational for a full decade, and even offers a delicious eatery on the grounds. Learn more about them on their home website, found here


If you don’t mind a quick drive, there’s also some great courses in our neighboring city of Conyers. In 15 minutes, you can be at yet another top of the line course. Take the Cherokee Run Golf Course, for example. At just over 7,000 square feet, the locale has some to die for views. They also offer some great food choices during the lunch hour. Check out their website for an even deeper dive. 


Last but not least, we have the Honey Creek Golf and Country Club. This selection is also in Conyers. With a little over 6,000 square feet of golfing to be enjoyed, it’s definitely worth the trip.

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