More Food In Newton County

Welcome back to our top recommendations for things to do in our wonderful area.

Today, we’re revisiting options for food in Newton County. You can check out our previous list in last week’s blog, found here. The next time your stomach is rumbling, try out one of these great selections.

Their menu includes all the great bar foods, from burgers and tenders, to an assortment of appetizers. But the dining choices aren’t the only attraction making it worth the visit. There’s an array of bar games, and sometimes even live performances.

Chicken and Pizza

For all the chicken fans out there, you have to try Biddy’s Chicken.

Their fried fare is to die for. From nuggets to tenders, as well as some other standard American dishes; the selections are plenty. For a finger licking good time, be sure to give Biddy’s a visit one evening.

While there are several one off locations specific to the area, there are some existing chains worth noting. There’s nothing like a quality slice of pizza to scratch your comfort food itch. Your Pie is a nationally recognized pizza chain known for its great takes on one of the most classic food options.

Banking with Newton Federal

At the end of the day, there are few experiences quite like that of some good, down home soul food. Blockers Soul Food offers some of your favorite, stick to your ribs style dishes that are sure to keep you coming back for ages.

That brings us to the end of our latest tally of good food in Newton County. Be sure to check back in for more recommendations for past times in our wonderful area. And for all your banking needs as a Newton resident, there's Newton Federal. Contact us today to learn more.