Newton County History: Some Fun Facts

Newton Federal loves to bridge the gap between citizens and fun outings in the area.

Today, we’ll be focusing on attractions that are tied to some quite interesting Newton County history. And with over 2 centuries worth of past high marks, there’s a fair share to pull from.

This Newton County history has a past rich in a multitude of arenas. From television and film, to historically relevant moments in time, there’s no shortage of significance to cite. And as always, you can find top notch banking services from your friends here at Newton Federal Bank.

Eastside Trail & Turner Lake

To start, let’s take a look at the Eastside Trail.

This is the most recent of its kind to be unveiled in Newton County. It’s armed with plush scenery, and lengthy walking trails. This allows yet another chance for Newton County citizens to clear their mind, while also getting some low impact exercise in.

Looking for a space that offers a bit more opportunity for physical activity? Turner Lake may be the place for you.

From an open gym, to a world class softball field, and so much more. There are even programs available for children; it’s a great location for families of all sizes.


Newton Federal Banking

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to do in Newton County. This is one of many attributes making it a wonderful place to live. Another noteworthy attribute, as stated earlier, is Newton Federal Banking.

Regardless of your banking needs, Newton Federal can help. From a range of business and personal accounts, loans, and more; there's something for everyone here. Have more questions? Schedule a consultation with one of our bankers today.