The Newton County Library

Newton County offers a number of different locations to suit a range of fancies.

If you’re looking for a good walking trail to clear your mind, there are tons of options to choose from. Or, if you want to go a more traditional route, there’s the Newton County Library.

Like many of its surrounding structures, the Newton County Library sports foundations with a long and rich history.
You can read more about the journey the location took before its current iteration on their about page, here. Read on for further recommendations in the Newton area.

Gaithers at Myrtle Creek Farm

For a more outdoorsy feel, you can visit Gaithers at Myrtle Creek Farm. The location is ideal for a number of occasions. It’s a great option for weddings, special events, academic, personal and professional milestones, and so much more. Whether it’s prom photos, graduation pictures, or even a graduation party, the space can accommodate. 

They even offer holiday centric events; here’s a recap of their “Christmas at Gaither and Festival Trees” presentation from 2018. Myrtle Creek Farm is located at 270 Davis Ford Road in Covington, GA; it’s certainly worth the stop if the occasion fits. 

Newton Country Pride

Newton County is a proud city with a lengthy heritage. Our history of enterprise, natural landscape, and tradition makes us a standout in the region. At Newton Federal, our goal is to promote everything this wonderful county has to offer. Hence our Newton Lifestyle series; be sure to check out previous entries if you haven't already.

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