Top Attractions in East Newton

Newton Federal is back with some top attractions in East Newton.
As previously stated, we aren’t just looking for your business. Our goal is to give our clients insight into the many offerings of our wonderful county. While our previous piece focused on the northernmost part of the county, today we’ll be looking east.

Are you a big fan of animals?

Who could blame you? Some of the most regal sights are that of wildlife. That’s why we’re recommending The Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. Named for one of the most prominent contributors to Newton County, the site packs a ton of intriguing information on the area’s wildlife. It also champions efforts at preserving the integrity of their habitats. It’s a great trip both as a solo outing, and to bring the entire family to.

Another of the great attractions in East Newton is that of Poplar Hill.

This area is steeped in African American history, still championed and erected to this day. One of the oldest African Methodist Episcopalian churches still thrives on its grounds to date.

Then there’s Dixie, a farming friendly area with a rich history of its own. There’s whispers that this was the actual starting place for the well known Dixie cups. This is of note because, at the time of their inception, these cups were a great alternative for gathering water for solo use. Before this, many would simply drink from the same source, opening the door to possible contaminants and fluid swapping.

Banking with Newton Federal

This brings us to the close of our latest blog on the Newton County lifestyle. This is but a fraction of the attractions in East Newton; we'll be back to discuss more.

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