Top Attractions in North Newton

Welcome back to the Newton Federal blog. 

Today, we’ll be doing a deep dive into things to do in our wonderful county. Though it’s smaller than some of the more popular cities and counties in Georgia, there’s still so much it has to offer. Case in point, let’s look at some of the top attractions in North Newton.

Are you a fan of walking trails?

So are we.

Not only does this provide you with the opportunity to stay active, these walks are great for clearing your mind and meditating. 

Check out some of the top rated trails detailed below.

Walking with Purpose in Newton County

First, there’s the Hightower Trail.

Nestled comfortably off Highway, this trail is steeped in history and culture. Long before it took on its current appearance, it was home to some of the most revered indigenous tribes. Even the earliest migrants cited the area as a great place to settle.

Or, if you prefer more mountainous scenery, Newton’s also got you covered.

One of the top attractions in North Newton is the famed Cornish Mountain. The area is noted for being the tallest natural site the county has to offer. Again, it’s a great opportunity for exercise, or even a relaxing stroll.

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Do you consider yourself more of a fan of being along a waterfront? North Newton offers that as well. Try visiting the Alcovy River. Like the Hightower Trail, this was home to some of the most popular indigenous peoples prior to settlers arriving. Complete with rare greenery, the views are to die for.

That brings us to a close for our first piece on attractions in North Newton. We'll be back with more recommendations very soon. In the meantime, if you're in the area and looking for a quality bank to call home, try Newton Federal. Contact us today to learn more.