Account Safety Regarding ATMs and Other Electronic Services

Some of our customers have raised their concerns about the safety of our ATMs upon seeing reports of credit card theft schemes such as skimming.

While there have been no reported cases of card fraud suspected to originate at any Newton Federal Bank ATM, the bank encourages customers to protect themselves when using any ATM. We recommend only using your credit and debit cards at reputable businesses and limiting online purchases to certified and secure sites. When using an ATM or gas pump, be sure to check the card reader for attachments, by pulling on it with force to reduce the possibility of being a victim of fraud. 

We also recommend that customers monitor all of their bank accounts on a regular basis including a review of account activity for unusual transactions. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, please notify the bank immediately by calling 770-786-7088.

It is essential for account holders to understand that every transaction made should be done so with caution. Purchases made outside of FDIC-insured bank networks are particularly vulnerable to fraud because they are less regulated and thus, less protected.

While card and ATM fraud are nonetheless evident throughout the financial industry, Newton Federal Bank is not immune. However, we dedicate extensive resources including fraud prevention strategies and personnel to detect fraudulent activity and ensure that our customer’s information is secure.

“[F]ederal law and regulations have required that financial institutions have programs to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer information. Federal and state bank examiners also regularly conduct on-site examinations of FDIC-insured institutions and their outside firms to ensure that they comply with these and other regulations. Banking regulators also work with institutions to share overviews of the cyberthreat landscape and discuss steps they can take to be prepared.” FDIC.gov

In a statement from the President and CEO of Newton Federal Bank, Johnny Smith, he states that “Newton Federal Bank takes great pride in providing our customers the highest level of security at our ATMs and refute any suggestion that our ATMs or ATM Network are unsafe. We utilize industry-leading technology to protect and prevent card skimming at our ATMs.”

For more tips on how to avoid identity theft, fraud, and scams, please visit the FDIC Consumer Protection Cybersecurity topic page.

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