Hwy 278 CID and City of Covington Awarded Grant to Begin Phase I of Highway 278 CID Master Plan

The Highway 278 Community Improvement District (Hwy 278 CID) and the City of Covington have been awarded a Surface Transportation Block Grant for Preliminary Engineering (PE) of Phase I of the Hwy 278 CID Master Plan from Turner Lake Road to Emory Street. The initial grant for PE in the amount of $464,800 was awarded … Read more

Common Banking Mistakes to Avoid

Regardless of the type of bank account you open, each comes with their own range of responsibilities and considerations. Too often, people are subjected to avoidable charges, or are otherwise placed in compromising situations due to a minor error with a major impact. Newton Federal is here to help you navigate and leap over any … Read more

Is a Checking Account Necessary?

It takes a lot to keep track of your money. Picking the right account can shave off some of your biggest worries and complaints. Don’t waste time on banks that only care about a dollar amount. Newton Federal will help you reach the normal benefits of an account like this, and then some. Read on … Read more

Is it a Good Idea to Have a Joint Bank Account?

Welcome back to the Newton Federal blog archives! Today’s topic: Joint Bank Accounts, why or why shouldn’t you get one? For those unfamiliar, a joint bank account is when you and another party agree to share a bank account. This means administrative rights to the account for both parties. Is it a good idea to … Read more

Supplemental Income to Beef up your Savings Account

Saving money is one of the biggest keys to long term planning.  It can help to prepare for rainy days (i.e., unexpected debits, etc.), or even to build towards a greater goal down the line. Either way, saving money, particularly from supplemental income, is key when aiming to beef up your savings account! What qualifies … Read more

Comparing Personal and Business Bank Accounts

Welcome to the yet another entry of our Newton Federal Resource Center. At NF, we offer a range of options when it comes to opening personal and business bank accounts. This inspired us to list a few key differences between the two. When do you need each? Does each have their own separate requirements? All … Read more

Now Accepting PPP 2021 Applications

Now Accepting PPP 2021 Applications Covington Ga. – Released 2021 The SBA is officially opening the second draw PPP program next Wednesday, January 13th.  We will begin accepting applications from existing clients of the bank on Monday, January 11th. There will be a new, special email address for the new second draw PPP applications, which will announce … Read more

Newton Federal Bank: Enriching Georgia Communities through Education and Charitable Involvement

Honored to Receive CardRates Editor’s Choice Award for Community Commitment EverFi Financial Literacy Programs and Year Round fundraisers supporting local causes “There’s an old saying that if you do good, good will come to you. This can be likened to karma if you believe in that sort of thing, but people generally associate these presumptions … Read more

Georgia’s Financial Institutions Proactive on Coronavirus

Georgia’s Financial Institutions Proactive on Coronavirus ATLANTA – Georgia’s banks and credit unions have sprung into action to meet the financial services needs of our state’s families and businesses during the coronavirus public health emergency.  The Georgia Bankers Association, Community Bankers Association of Georgia and the Georgia Credit Union Association, an affiliate of League of … Read more

Community First Bancshares, INC. Executes Merger Agreement

COVINGTON, GA and ATLANTA, GA –  Community First Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ: CFBI) (“CFBI”), the parent company of Newton Federal Bank, and ABB Financial Group, Inc. (“ABB”), parent company of Affinity Bank, announced today that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement whereby CFBI has agreed to acquire ABB and its wholly owned bank subsidiary, … Read more