Top Newton County Historic Sites

We’re back with the last entry in our series on Newton County sites that made it to the National Register of Historic Places.

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Next on our Newton County Historic Sites list is the Salem Camp Ground.

Like many on our list, this site was erected in the early 1800s. It’s “one of the oldest thriving camp meetings in the nation.” The space comes with some awesome amenities, including: “cabins… a hotel with private baths, a nostalgic wrap around porch with rocking chairs, and home style cooking.” It’s the perfect place for family-friendly fun.

Starrsville Historic District

The Starrsville area is “located six miles southeast of Covington, on Georgia highway 213. [It was] settled in 1820-21 by the Starr and Epps families. [It gets its name from] Silas H. Starr, Sr., [the] popular state legislator.” The community has a history of top notch academia, a trait it carries to this day.

The Starrsville Historic District would be added to The National Register just before the turn of the century (1998). Currently, the grounds include the Starrsville Plantation. It’s come a long way since its early 1800’s roots. They are now an event space. They assure customers that they’ll “make [their] wedding a dream come true.”

Calling Newton County Home

Newton County is home to some of the greatest attractions the state has to offer. This is all while maintaining the grounds' rich cultural heritage. Not a piece of nostalgia is sacrificed, nor are any modern comforts.

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