Even More Historic Locations in Newton County

Kicking off our next look at historic locations in Newton County is the famed Orna Villa. It holds the distinction of being the longest living residential property in the city. It was built using a common style of the time, pulling inspiration from Grecian influences. 

Orna Villa made it into the annals of the National Register in the early 1970’s. The site is reaming with historic experiences, none the least of which includes operating as a medical facility during the Civil War. There are even reports of supernatural occurrences on the grounds, making it the subject of various pop cultural mediums.

The Oxford Historic District

The Oxford Historic District also gained its status among historic locations in the 1970’s. It’s home to countless variations of architectural design, each helping to bring the popular locale to life. It encompasses over 20 buildings within its acreage, including the Orna Villa. 

Also included on the grounds is the Oxford College of Emory University. The influence of the institution carries throughout the district’s borders. Keep an eye out for the school spirit on your next trip through town. Other prominent fixtures in the area include “The Few Monument… Seney Hall… The Young J. Allen Jr. Memorial Church… [and] Phi Gamma Hall.”

Porterdale Historic District

The Porterdale Historic District lies in another of Newton County’s popular cities. Its massive acreage was designated historic in the early 2000’s. It “consists of three mill complexes and the surrounding mill village… [while] historic church steeples, smoke stacks, and water towers define the Porterdale skyline.” There’s also a “water tower in nearly every section of the district.”

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