Newton County Historic Sites

Newton County is home to some of the foremost historic sites in the nation's history.

The list is pretty lengthy, and we’re aiming to cover all of them over the next few entries in our blog archive. First, there’s the Brick store, which resides on “Highway 278 Old Social Circle Road in Covington”.
The Brick Store gained its repute through its long history, having been first erected in the early 1800’s. The building has undergone several transformations over the years, adopting various monikers along the way. It’s been an academic institution, a municipal building, a convenience store, and more.

The Burge Club

Next we have the Burge Club, nestled at 44 Jeff Cook Rd, Mansfield, GA, 30055. It’s “a historic 1000 acre farm in eastern Newton County, Georgia, that serves… as private hunting and shooting grounds, as well as a family club.” Even if you don’t have a membership, their doors are still open for year round event booking.

Like The Brick Store, the Burge Club is also home to some rich cultural history. They display relics from the land’s earliest indigenous tribes that have survived thousands of years. By the 1800’s, the plot was home to the Burge Farm. You can read more about how the space evolved through the civil war, and ended up in its current state on their site’s about page.

Downtown Covington

Our last entry for today’s blog takes us to the Covington Historic District. Also known as Downtown Covington, this area blends both modern comforts and vintage aesthetic, making for a memorable experience. There’s a plethora of shopping, entertainment, eateries, and so much more. Genuine efforts have gone into preserving the space’s history and culture; it’s definitely worth a visit.

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