More Historic Places in Newton County

Welcome back to Newton Federal's breakdown of some of our beloved county's most historic places.

 Next from the National Register’s list is the Mill Village Historic District. Like most of our treasured landmarks, there’s a pointed effort at preserving the space’slate 19th and 20th Century style.
For our readers that love getting their steps in at a nice park, check out Floyd Street Historic District. This gem is situated nearby to Swanscombe, and close to First Baptist Church.” It’s ideal locale lies in close proximity to the Newton County Fairgrounds, and Baker Field Park.

Newborn Historic District

Next on our list of historic places is the Newborn Historic District. The district is actually home to a previous entry in our series, The Burge Farm. Other grounds in the space include:

The Newton County Courthouse

The Newton County Courthouse is another of the esteemed historic places in this great county. It bares a wealth of history dating back to the late 1800’s. Like the phoenix, it rose from the ashes after its predecessor fell victim to arson. It still stands today at 1124 Clark St SW, Covington, GA 30014.

For our final place, we have the North Covington Historic District. It encompasses the “North Emory and Odum streets in Covington,” offering access to several common eateries, Piedmont Newton, the DDS, and more.”

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