Is a Checking Account Necessary?

It takes a lot to keep track of your money. Picking the right account can shave off some of your biggest worries and complaints. Don’t waste time on banks that only care about a dollar amount. Newton Federal will help you reach the normal benefits of an account like this, and then some. Read on … Read more

Is it a Good Idea to Have a Joint Bank Account?

Welcome back to the Newton Federal blog archives! Today’s topic: Joint Bank Accounts, why or why shouldn’t you get one? For those unfamiliar, a joint bank account is when you and another party agree to share a bank account. This means administrative rights to the account for both parties. Is it a good idea to … Read more

Supplemental Income to Beef up your Savings Account

Saving money is one of the biggest keys to long term planning.  It can help to prepare for rainy days (i.e., unexpected debits, etc.), or even to build towards a greater goal down the line. Either way, saving money, particularly from supplemental income, is key when aiming to beef up your savings account! What qualifies … Read more

Comparing Personal and Business Bank Accounts

Welcome to the yet another entry of our Newton Federal Resource Center. At NF, we offer a range of options when it comes to opening personal and business bank accounts. This inspired us to list a few key differences between the two. When do you need each? Does each have their own separate requirements? All … Read more