Hwy 278 CID and City of Covington Awarded Grant to Begin Phase I of Highway 278 CID Master Plan

The Highway 278 Community Improvement District (Hwy 278 CID) and the City of Covington have been awarded a Surface Transportation Block Grant for Preliminary Engineering (PE) of Phase I of the Hwy 278 CID Master Plan from Turner Lake Road to Emory Street. The initial grant for PE in the amount of $464,800 was awarded … Read more

Even More Tips For Managing Credit Card Use

Newton Federal is back with another entry of our top tips for keeping your card credit habits in the clear. We cannot insist enough how important it is to maintain proper credit card management. It can help you avoid an infinite amount of stress, freeing your mind to focus on other priorities. Keeping Your Accounts … Read more

Credit Card Rewards: Using Your Plan To Your Benefit

Credit Card Rewards: Using Your Plan To Your Benefit At Newton Federal, our goal is to help our patrons stay on track when it comes to their finances.  Think of us as a go to resource for banking with a recurring open door policy. Today, we’ll be discussing some appropriate uses, and common misuses via … Read more

How To Maneuver With Credit Card Debt

The first thing to understand is that credit card debt is not necessarily a bad thing. Having open, older accounts is actually a good reflection on your credit history. So long as you practice good credit card use habits, you’ll find your options to be favorable. That said, there are some things to keep in … Read more

Common Banking Mistakes to Avoid

Regardless of the type of bank account you open, each comes with their own range of responsibilities and considerations. Too often, people are subjected to avoidable charges, or are otherwise placed in compromising situations due to a minor error with a major impact. Newton Federal is here to help you navigate and leap over any … Read more