Financial Planning for the Holidays

On average an American household spends $1,455 on holiday gifts. With the holiday season swiftly approaching for many of us, we want to make sure that this glorious time of year and surprise holiday costs turn into anticipated costs. At Newton Federal, we know that we are better together. That is why we have a … Read more

Your Business’ Top Three Bank Accounts for Success

You want your business to succeed. That said, you’ll want to ensure you leave no stone unturned when it comes mining all available resources. When it comes to financial burdens, you bank account(s) contribute a great deal to your overall success. In this way, there are three specific kinds of accounts that work efficiently to … Read more

Top Newton County Historic Sites

We’re back with the last entry in our series on Newton County sites that made it to the National Register of Historic Places. Be sure to check out our first three pieces spotlighting some intriguing places. Next on our Newton County Historic Sites list is the Salem Camp Ground. Like many on our list, this … Read more

Even More Historic Locations in Newton County

Kicking off our next look at historic locations in Newton County is the famed Orna Villa. It holds the distinction of being the longest living residential property in the city. It was built using a common style of the time, pulling inspiration from Grecian influences.  Orna Villa made it into the annals of the National … Read more

Newton County Historic Sites

Newton County is home to some of the foremost historic sites in the nation’s history. The list is pretty lengthy, and we’re aiming to cover all of them over the next few entries in our blog archive. First, there’s the Brick store, which resides on “Highway 278 Old Social Circle Road in Covington”.The Brick Store … Read more

Dinner at Mystic Grill

Newton County is a staple of Georgia. For a not so small town, we sport a history rich in esteem and intrigue. Take, for example, the famed Mystic Grill restaurant in Covington. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because the eatery existed on the small screen, long before it existed in the real world. It … Read more

The Newton County Library

Newton County offers a number of different locations to suit a range of fancies. If you’re looking for a good walking trail to clear your mind, there are tons of options to choose from. Or, if you want to go a more traditional route, there’s the Newton County Library. Like many of its surrounding structures, … Read more

Newton County Family Fun Day

Newton County is known for a few different noteworthy highlights. But one of its proudest is undoubtedly the Newton County Family Fun Day. It’s a time where families and friends alike can join in both neighborly solidarity and fun. Check out some of its offerings below. Family Fun Day offers free food to all its … Read more

More Historic Places in Newton County

Welcome back to Newton Federal’s breakdown of some of our beloved county’s most historic places.  Next from the National Register’s list is the Mill Village Historic District. Like most of our treasured landmarks, there’s a pointed effort at preserving the space’s “late 19th and 20th Century“ style. For our readers that love getting their steps … Read more

Golfing In Newton County

Is golfing one of your favorite pastimes? We don’t blame you. It not only is a great source of low impact physical activity. It’s also a very relaxing endeavor. Being out on the green is perfect for enjoying great weather. Not to mention, the scenery offers a great opportunity for meditation and mind clearing. Well, … Read more